whirlpool UW8F2CXB 187CM tall freezer

The UW8F2CXB is a freezer from Whirlpool that offers a large amount of storage space. It comes with a large 260 litre capacity and with 5 freezer drawers you will easily be able to search through to find what you need when it is completely full.

The freezer comes with 6th sense freeze control which minimises the temperature fluctuation after you have opened the door, this will reduce any chance of freezer burns by up to 50%. Efficient cold air circulation will prevent any ice from building up so you will never have to defrost the appliance yourself.

The UW8F2CXB also comes with an outstanding A++ energy rating which means that all of your electricity bills are kept to a minimum and can also look after the environment.

A slimline ExcellentFIT door allows you to open it at 90degrees and still easily get to all the drawers and shelves even if installed flush next to a wall, so you know it will sit anywhere in home while still giving you full access.